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Everything ARM and LPC
By makiyoung
Hi, so I am doing some electronics coursework for school doing a project that will involve a microcontroller. So I am thinking of using the ATMega328P, which is the through-hole chip on my arduino uno clone. However, the assessment criteria would frown upon using the arduino uno board to program the chip.

Here is ATMega328P date sheet
So, rather than pay for a FTDI breakout board, I got a CP2102 from Silicon Labs for free (as my dad's a software engineer). However I am having trouble getting it to program my chip and my dad is unable to spot the problem also. I have installed the drivers for it on my computer and it is showing up as COM6, when the code uploads it seems fine until I get these messages: {Error Messages} I connected it up as following:

CP2102 | Arduino
Vcc -> Vin
Tx -> Rx
Rx -> Tx
Gnd -> Gnd

So if anyone knows the problem, please let me know the solution. Thank you

UPDATE: Special thanks to /u/menth112, /u/rangita and /u/zooto68 for the help! :)