PICDEM FS development board

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PICDEM FS development board

Post by AMSA » Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:20 am

Hello guys,

I have this development board and I have tested it with the respective software (temperature sensor, turning ON and OFF the LED's in the board, etc).

Now I would like to implement a program that could use the capabilities of the built-in peripherals like the LEDs and the switches. For example, I would like to implement a program that when pressing one of the buttons on the BOARD one LED turns on. It very simple, but the thing here is to know how to upload the .hex file to the PIC through USB with the software that came with the development board, as I did to uplaod the demo .hex file.

Can anyone guide me here how can I do this? Specially how to implement the code within the code for USB communication with the PICDEM FS development board.

Thank you in advance,

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