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By burraak

Dial Up modem's days are long gone but Land line still exists either in the form of home pbx or PSTN, An Arduino based Dial Up modem shield can be used for a lot of fun projects.

I'm no electronics expert but modem chips are already available with AT Command support like this one ... fault.aspx

I think SparkFun can produce this shield in no time You must introduce this shield :violin:

It can be used as
1-Cold Caller Blocker
2-Telephone recording with Caller ID
3-Fax receiving/saving
4-Answering machine
5-Interactive voice response system
6-Home automation over landline
7-Foundation for Arduino based PABX
8-DATA Communication
9-Auto dialer (Connected over blutooth to smart phone's phone directory)
10- GSM to Landline gateway
11- Smart Telephone set
12- Call forwarding
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By Myself
In the meantime, you already have a UART available, so toss on a MAX232 and a DE9 connector, and an external serial 56k modem from eBay, which will set you back a whole ten bucks. There are shields that do the MAX232 part for you, if you hate capacitors.

Most such modems need an external power supply, but if you're tying the thing to a dialup phone line, adding a power outlet isn't usually onerous.

I agree that a shield would be more compact and pretty, but I don't see a plethora of projects already using Arduinos tied to dialup modems, so the size of the eventual market is dubious. Prove the skeptics wrong, publish something dialup!
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