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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By hwsw
I am a newbie in the world of GPS GSM development, however am planning to develop a Real time GPS tracker. I have researched alot of the solution, spoken to FAEs. and everything looks promising. But I need to conclude the choice of Chipset/module, So thought of asking for some help from the community.

I have stumbled upon two solutions for a Portable GPS tracker
1) Telit - GE 910 (single module solution - GPS/GSM/GPRS & ARM CPU on the same module)
2) U-Blox - GPS - Max-7 & GSM/GPRS - SARA G3 ( will need External Microcontroller)

Each solutions seems to have equivalent or similar features which have interest me,
Common Features
- GLONNAS/GPS support
- A-GPS support (Autonomous/Assisted - Server downloadable Ephemeris/Almanac to assist GPS lock in time)
- Lower power consumption - can someone comment if they are much different if both do the same task.

Specific Features
- SINGLE chip solution - THE MOST OUTSTANDING FEATUIRE!!! but is it work it ?
- Python IN BUILT : is this a limitation with respect to development for performance not just funtionality?
- Power consumption - Can one independently control Power modes for the GPS/GSM/Core , independent sleep and event based Wakeup/Interrupt solution? example, deep sleep mode for GPS/GSM/core modules until a SMS wakes the core up?
- Indoor positioning - Recently introduced M2MLocate service in conjunction with LBS, RX networks. Free only until 10 server queries! after that it stops working until the next day ? ELSE opt for unlimited premium access to the service. premium service is very expensive!!
1) So would this solution affect indoor tracking say in side a Shopping MALL/Parking Lot ? due to the no of limited request based onCell-Id
2) Is they any to accomplish this ? is using Google's LBS an alternative instead buy sending it all the neighboring /service Cell-Id info? Would it be expensive when 1000 trackers start using it for indoor tracking? has anyone out there done such a solution and worked out the cost involved?

- 3 CHIP solution!
- External Micro - you can choose a Variety of them and have many choices with performance/Power consumption ...Given that the uC is more for housekeeping functions ..wakeup/sleep etc
- Indoor positioning - they have this Cell Locate feature - Its usage is UNLIMITED... I guess its the similar as Telit solution, Cell-id based, but is it any good? Either they use some other company in the background for LBS or use some free Cell-ID database etc.
1) Can someone comment on this feature if they have actually used it? on its performance?

It would be great to hear from the GPS Dev community out there on their views and suggestion on using these 2 solution.

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