bin level measurement project

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bin level measurement project

Post by maeishoj » Mon Apr 09, 2012 12:21 am

Hello everyone,

I am following a project which requires me to perform waste management by measuring the level of garbage in a bin and either send an sms when this reaches a specific threshold, or send data to a web server with the current level of garbage.

I found this: ... -pack.html

it uses an arduino uno + Arduino GPRS Quadband Module.

Which I believe can serve (part of) my purpose. What I then need is the actual sensor which I identified in this one:

Is it possible to install this sensor in this board and program it so that it will send sms/data to www server when the sensor senses garbage at the predefined level?

I would actually like to use the "netduino" or "netduino plus" to be honest, as I'd like being able to code in c# :D but it's not a priority anyway.

Furthermore since these bins are outside, is it possible to have this arduino board work on batteries?
What kind of batteries? What would the consumption be? The data has to be sampled only 1 a day to begin with so the rest of the time is idle.

So far the only thing I have found is the waspmote by libelium, with various sensors/boards etc, but it is kind of wasted for doing "just" this task and this solution would be better also money wise as the cost of a device/bin would be quite high!

Please guys help me out cause it is my first time trying arduino and I would like to purchase really soon and start working on this asap.

Thanks in advance.

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