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Post by souplogic » Sat Feb 04, 2012 1:30 pm

Background: I want to build a little DIY metronome kit with my daughter, I tried the the merto-gnome kit, and messed it up ( freak accident, not relevant to story ) - but before I order another I want to look at other possibilites for a kit with a more expressive display and better control options.


There are like 5 different kits that would be perfect if only there was a few pins broken out to holes for things like extra switches, or a buzzer (depending on the kit). The most perfect kit would be the clock kit because she needs a clock too, the buzzer is already on board and the display is 4 characters but there are no extra pins for me to wire up things like mode switches.

I ask you please, when designing new kits, while you are being awesome enough to expose the programming pins, to also bring out 4-6 other pins somewhere on the board, anywhere really. For example, you could have an extra 6 pins under the lcd header of the Mr. Roboto kit, they would be hidden by the lcd panel on the front, so the wouldn't change the appearance, but we could wire extra things to it (I myself may just use the "ears for my own purposes, but the example is still valid)

tl;dr; = break out pins on all the things plz.

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