GBL moved to GTO by fab/BatchPCB when PCBs produced? Any fix

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GBL moved to GTO by fab/BatchPCB when PCBs produced? Any fix

Post by zarcondeegrissom » Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:37 pm

Did any one else get the bottom Copper layer moved to the Top Silkscreen on them? What can be done to prevent this? How does the Bottom Copper layer become the top silkscreen after it was uploaded to BatchPCB?

My last order on 2012-01-04 had some messed up boards with the bottom copper layer moved to the top silkscreen layer. The layers showed correct on the upload screen, and DRC passed images, however the boards produced had the layers all mixed up.
What arrived...
Some of What was ordered
Do I need to amend a "G04 Layer:" line into the files created by Eagle with SFE's RS-274X cam job file to prevent this from ever happening again?

There is a part 2 as well;

How dose BatchPCB/SparkFun Electronics indicate that the boards delivered are not all that have been shipped? As in the missing boards will be delivered...

I ordered six PCB layouts. Two arrived in working order, Three are all messed up, and one is missing as of today. I don't see anything in the included papers or via e-mail indicating a second shipment of any kind.

First it was spontaneous SMT pads with rectangles, and now this. As of right now, I am not impressed.
SMT power components!? If I can't bolt it to a massive heatsink, it is Useless.