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How long did it take to get to your neck of the woods?
By Jesse_m
I ordered parts (order ID: 411452) on Wednesday 31 August. So far I haven't gotten an email confirming shipment and according to the order history page it's still a "new order". I've never dealt with SFE before so I don't know what to expect, but 6 days seems a little long before it's sent. Is this normal?

btw I'm ordering from Canada and paid via paypal
By CS Paul

Your order did definitely take longer than usual. We say 3 business days for First Class Mail options, and almost all make it out in that timeframe. In this case, we had a 3 day weekend - Monday was the Labor Day holiday, which delayed shipping another few days. It take the Shipping Dept. a bit to catch up from days off.

That said, a week to ship is longer than it should ever be. I'll refund your shipping and handling. You should have your order soon.

Best Regards,
Paul Robinson