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By coyote20000
Well, I've never pressed refresh so many times in my entire life... Lol :)
Certainly interesting... I wonder if SF had to restart the servers multiple times.

Thanks for the 40 bucks Sparkies!!!
By AtomSoft
yeah i never had to also... i think my refresh button needs to be refreshed
By nukez
My mouse had smoke going out, for all the refresh i've made :p

That was really funny to see how the server have gradualy had problem handling the masses of visitor !

Well for my part thing doesn't goes alright. i've got anyway 10 bucks ( i've answered the question one 4 times before the server bring me to the next question lol )

For next year may be a water coolled mouse may be needed :p
By sylvie369
I was one of the frustrated non-complainers last year, spending about an hour trying, getting close twice, but no cigar.

This year I figured I'd just take my $30 credit, on the assumption that there'd be no way to get all the question pages to load, let alone my answers as well. I managed to get pretty quickly to the page where you make the choice, and after that got my code almost right away. I was done within five minutes. I'm pretty pleased, though I know it was pure chance.

Thanks, Sparkfun. I hope that a lot of last year's unlucky folks managed to get through this year.
By Roko
Took me 20 minutes to claim my $40 loyalty dollars (I figured I'd try for 30 minutes in the morning before leaving for work). That'll add nicely to the robot fund. Thanks Sparkfun! :)

I even managed to get some work done from home while doing it, I'd go through e-mails and just click refresh every couple of minutes or so. :D
By trend321
Yeah, I really enjoyed that. I got money too - so a "$10 net" gyro will be on my list. While I'm sure it helps cool the frustrations to actually get something out, I really found the experience to be exactly as expected. Difficult to get in, lots of refreshing, lots of trying to figure out the best way to hold onto a loaded page. I found it exciting - like a mad rush for free handouts at a public gathering, without the probability of being crushed to death (a plus, in my book).

So thanks Sparkfun. I really hope the whiners don't put you off doing this again next year.

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