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By propjohn
Hi. I've noticed that you guys are running phpBB2 which... well to put it kindly, has a few security issues. Not to mention that phpBB3 has vastly improved administration capabilities.

But that's not what I'm after :mrgreen: Ever get interested in a thread like [this] one that you need to constantly sidescroll to read? That's due to the size of the image. PhpBB3 refactored the rendering code so that only the wide posts exceed the width of the browser window. The rest are nicely readable without having to sidescroll.
By busonerd

The board is in fact running PHPBB3 - just with a theme that looks sorta like PHPBB2.

--David Carne
By propjohn
Huh... so it is. Guess the theme has a bug then.
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By ben___
Hey All,

Dave is right we're definitely not running phpbb2. I'll look around and see if I can't fix the image issues.
By ameyer
You could probably fix this easily in CSS by just having something like
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.postBody img{
	max-width: 100%;
Wont work in IE-6 :D - But I prefer it that way.
By noptical
Works fine here ,images are automatically resized to fit the window width. Your probably use a crappy browser. Get opera or firefox.