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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By lavadude

When I generate the CAM files from freepcb, the files end with a .grb extension. When I upload those files, BatchPCB tells me that they only accept the file formats:
* TopCopper - ".gtl" , ".cmp", ".top"
* BottomCopper - ".gbl", ".sol", ".bot"
* TopSolderMask - ".gts", ".stc", ".smt", ".stoptop", ".tsm"
* BottomSolderMask - ".gbs", ".sts", ".smb", ".stopbot", ".bsm"
* TopSilk - ".gto", ".plc", ".sst", ".positop", ".leg", ".slk"
* BottomSilk - ".gbo", ".pls", ".ssb", ".posibot", ".bsk"
* Drill - ".drl", ".txt", ".tap", ".drill", ".gdd", ".drd", ".cnc", ".exl"
* KeepOut - ".gko"
* MiddleCopper1 - ".g2"
* MiddleCopper2 - ".g3"
* BottomStencil - ".gbp"
* TopStencil - ".gtp"
* Outline - ".outline", ".oln"
Is there a way for freepcb to generate those or for me to convert the .grb to the accepted formats?

Thanks in advance!
By analogon
I had no idea on your direct question. However page 69 of your manual does not seem to show a way.

But to address the underlying problem, you should be able to use your operating system to rename files. You could automate that with a batch file (command file). It looks as if you are using Windows, so it should be fairly easy.