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By fab1an

I've been working with arduinos for some time and I came up with the idea for a circuit which would satisfy some of my needs. Since i'm fairly new into electronics I would like to ask for opinions.

I want to build a circuit where I can attach some akku (Li-polymer for example) and have the following options:
- load the akku via some input (could be only regulated input)
- power the arduino or some other circuit
- completely cut off the power to this circuit via an external interrupt, which could come from the circuit itself
- power up the circuit via interrupt
- power up the circuit via a programmable timer function (e.g. every minute), so the circuit has to be configured itself. maybe use an rtc-chip for that and a clock battery to save settings.

I guess my question is: Could this be done easily? The reason I want to combine the charging circuit and the timer-function is that especially for beginners it's not easy to put the arduino to "proper sleep" and even then it will still consumer power in the regulators etc. I know I can use only an avr-chip itself to save much more power, but I would like to have a more generic solution.

hoping for answers,
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