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By sixfingeredman
Ok, first post, a little nervous bear with me.

I am currently overseas helping a friend with a agriculture project, and he needed a fancy thermometer that displayed some other data. So I bought an Arduino kit and some (4) Sparkfun 4-digit 7 segment displays.

So, the source code for the COM-09230 SFE displays provided is for the onboard chip, not a library I need to use for the Arduino, right?

Anybody have any code to start me off? I found the link in the comments with the code that someone posted in the comments here: ... 1247533060

But I was just looking to gather as much as I can to learn more about writing the code for SPI. Anybody have a reason I should serial over SPI?

I am also going to need to use 3 displays simultaneously, and at one time found some example code that switched between displays, but lost that link.

Anyway I am in learn mode, so any help is great. And yes, I am using google already and I am searching and reading, but it's a process and this is a call for help! :) Thanks!
By yanctl
Kindly advise what the "other data" needed.

I've gotten lots of help from this forum and successfully implemented a thermometer with DS18B20 & ATTiny2313.

There is room in the flash to do some other things, its yours if you need the code.
By sixfingeredman
Our fancy thermometer is really just a thermocouple.

The three sparkfun displays is what I am hung up on. We need to simultaneously display 3 things that will constantly update:
1) Temperature
2) Time Elapsed
3) Calculation (simple math calculation using those numbers)

I am planning on adapting the "smoothing" example on the Arduino site, to get a running average of temp measurements.

I'd love to take a look at any code you have, just so I can see some more examples of these displays in use.
By JimEli