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Open source ARM Debugger
By Freddie Chopin
If anyone wishes to try the development versions of OpenOCD, those can be found on my website > Download > Software > OpenOCD dev

Currently there are two packages with the most recent version - one for 32-bit systems, the other for 64-bit versions. The package is a zip archive of complete OpenOCD tree (executable, dlls, cfgs, drivers, info, etc.).

The important part about 64-bit versions goes like this:
of 64-bit support are yet to be discovered. The packages in /drivers/
won't work on 64-bit system, but they are a good starting point. Visit
OpenOCD's mailing list for help and support. Make sure to post some
feedback there to help me develop a working solution for 64-bit systems.
IMHO the most comprehensive places about 64-bit Windows vs. OpenOCD are these topics on sparkfun forum:
Make sure to read those two before starting to test the 64-bit package.

I plan on posting such packages regularly (especially in the RC phase).

Anyway - please test them and post your feedback on the OpenOCD mailing list.

By Nutter
Thanks for doing this!

I've now successfully got the latest OpenOCD [dev] and Eclipse builds running on my 64bit Windows 7 Home Premium laptop. The steps I had to follow were somewhat different than documented elsewhere here, including in the linked threads. I don't know if this is due to the instructions and scripts having been written for the Win7 Release Candidate (I suspect this, or at the very least written for Vista and not tested on Win7 at all), or just not the Home Premium edition - but either way, they didn't work.

Most notably, the scripts required to do the signing and run Windows in Testing Mode didn't work.

To run Win7 in Testing Mode, I had to run the following commands from an elevated cmd prompt:
Code: Select all
bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON
To sign the drivers included in your OpenOCD build I just edited the batch file Sign_Drivers.cmd to remove all validation of the Windows version and elevated state since they were both incorrect.

After that I installed the (test signed) libusb-win32 drivers for my STM32-H103 board, and fiddled with the latest versions of Eclipse, Zylin, CodeSourcery, Yagarto, and OpenOCD until it all worked. :) At least, I think that's all that was required - but I may have missed some things as I did go through a lot of trial & error.
By Nutter
Another important fact to note is that I have to leave Test Mode/TESTSIGNING enabled, and cannot disable it once the drivers are installed or Windows will disable them - which goes against what I've read elsewhere. From reading around the web, I get the impression that DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS is what is supposed to allow this to work, but it no longer does in Win7 or with certain updates to Vista.
By Freddie Chopin
Thanks for the feedback!

Could you do two more tests? I've described everything in this message - ... 14795.html If you could test the fixed inf file and the software I've linked there, that would be great!

BTW - it would be easier to discuss those matters on the list, not on the forum.

By el_nihilo
Nutter wrote:Most notably, the scripts required to do the signing and run Windows in Testing Mode didn't work.
That's weird. The last set of scripts I uploaded were fully tested with Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, so I can guarantee that they do work at least on some machines.
To run Win7 in Testing Mode, I had to run the following commands from an elevated cmd prompt:
Code: Select all
bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON
First of all, don't forget to add the "/store C:\Boot\BCD" option to your sample commands, as this is required for some dual boot machines (bcdedit will fail without it there)
Second, the only functional difference between your command and mine is that fact that you try to disable Integrity Checks. However, it has been well documented that hotfix KB932596 (which is included in Vista SP1 and should be default on 7) has disabled the use of the DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS option.

HOWEVER, please note that the version of the scripts I included in the first version of my driver package were not Windows 7 compatible, and I suspect this is the version that was included with the OpenOCD x64 builds.

Freddie, can you please make sure that you upload your package with the latest version of the scripts? I'm pretty sure that the problem above simply came from using the first version (which didn't detect Windows 7 properly), and once you update them, all Windows 7 users will be fine.

Also, much of this work is probably going to be moot soon, as libftdi is likely to start using libusb 1.0 on Windows, which uses the signed WinUSB Microsoft driver...
By Freddie Chopin
Actually I didn't include any scripts in the package (;

The interest in the 64-bit version is really small (IMHO), as there are very few downloads of that packages and the feedback is nearly zero. That's why I prefer to just point ppl to your topics and wait for the new libftdi. Oh - and to be clear, I run a 32-bit system, so I cannot check anything myself.

By VK13
Freddie, thanks so much for sharing and caring with the open source community. Thanks also to Nutter. You guys have given me the confidence to try to get "the toolchain" working. I have been trying on and off for about 12 months. I even purchased the personal version of CodeSourcery thinking that it would "do it all for me" wrong ! I paid for it before I realised that it was "node-locked" so I have refused to use it, and no, they would not refund. Enough sour grapes, your selfless sharing of such useful information is nothing short of inspirational.
Perhaps I'll get some of the 15 or so Olimex boards working - yep, they have been gathering dust while I have been patiently trying to get the whole shebang working, allbeit at very irregular intervals. But now that you and your colleagues have provided so much public support, and I have just retired, I am determined to get it going this time. Cheers to all.

Peter k (Melbourne, Australia)

ps this is my first post on any blog ever !! please forgive my obvious naivety.
By osborn
My systems is Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. I cannot get the scripts to work to load the libftdi and libusb drivers. I opened up a command line box as administrator so I could execute the commands in the script manually and I get errors indicating that the file C:\boot\BCD does not exist. In fact there is not directory, hidden or system, called "boot" at the directory root. There is on at C:\Windows\Boot, but I am not sure if it is what I need.

When I run the line "bcdedit.exe /store C:\Boot\BCD /set testsigning yes" I get back:
The boot configuration data store could not be opened.
The system cannot find the file specified.

Anybody have any suggestions on how I can load this driver so I can get back to using OpenOCD after upgrading my system? Even Google has been of little help.
By VK13
Hi Osborn,

I too have Windows 7 Ultimate x64. From what I have seen, the go is to install windows Virtual XP under Windows 7 and you can access the ARM stuff from there. Frankly, I have not done this yet, but I have researched it and that certainly seems to be an easy way, although some of the other much more expetienced operatore on this forum may be able to help further. I too have failed at tryinf the same steps as you and agree with your implication that that approach does not work, at least for some versions.

By stefmaster
hey Freddie,

great work, but i've got one question...
Why diddn't you enable the option for Altera USB-Blaster?
This was one of the greatest news (for me) in version 0.4.0, but your binaries of openocd 0.4.0 don't support it...

By Freddie Chopin
Hmm... I don't know [; The option to enable it is not listed in the official "readme" (you have to dig through the configure scripts), so probably that's the reason.

I'll fix that in the next release.

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