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By Project240
I took some data on the high-pass filtered version of the breakout board, then removed the filter and took similar data. Here are the results, in case it's of interest:

1 - WITH High-Pass Filter Installed ... T_Gyro.png

The data is taken from an R/C car driving in one circle, then stopping.
The yaw rate initially reads the correct 150 deg/s, then starts to decrease
in magnitude during the mostly-constant rotation. Once the vehicle stops,
the yaw rate output jumps by 150 deg/s to a bogus value, then decays
back to zero over the next 10 seconds.

2 - WITHOUT High-Pass Filter ... T_Gyro.png

This data set is from rotation on my office chair with the same hardware
after the filter was removed. The yaw rate correctly shows a constant-ish
rotation rate, followed by some transients as I use my feet to slow down,
and finally a return to zero yaw rate.

The modification was a bit challenging as the traces and pads seemed to lift
very easily, even with gentle pulling on the components. The capacitors
were more sensitive than the resistors, but all were eventually removed.

I made a similar post on the product page of the Pitch-Yaw gyro here: