PICkit 2 or 3

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PICkit 2 or 3

Postby wolffman » Wed Jun 03, 2009 7:58 pm

Which one do you guys think i should get for my first PIC programmer i am just getting started with microcontrollers. Should i get the 2 or the 3 just wondering?
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Postby leon_heller » Wed Jun 03, 2009 11:50 pm

I get the impression from the Microchip forum that the PK3 seems to be a bit more troublesome than the PK2. They are software problems so they are being fixed. I mostly use an ICD 2, but the PK2 I have works fine with everything I've used it with.

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Postby riden » Thu Jun 04, 2009 6:18 am

leon_heller wrote:I get the impression from the Microchip forum that the PK3 seems to be a bit more troublesome than the PK2.
I had heard similar things as well.

For $35, go with the PicKit 2. I love it and it handles all the chips that I typically use. It is a mature product, works out of the box, and you won't be sorry. Later, as the PicKit 3 matures, you can always get one of those if it adds value.
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Postby saccade » Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:57 pm

Ditto the other comments on the PICkit 2. I just got mine ($35 + $10 adapter from Digikey) and I love it.

In particular, I wanted something to make it easier to program a bunch of chips without stopping to click a mouse and watch the computer screen for every chip. The PICkit 2 solves this perfectly: You can download your code into the PICkit 2, then just hook it up to each target PIC and press the button! They call this "Programmer-To-Go" mode, and they even show you how to hook it up to run on batteries.

Other cool things: It's open source (schematics, firmware and application source are all available from Microchip) and you can even set it up to work as a basic three channel logical analyzer or a USB - TTL serial adapter.

Great value for the $$.

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Re: PICkit 2 or 3

Postby XsavioR » Tue Nov 02, 2010 3:04 pm

So I just attended the Embedded designers forum. Previously I posted how I am also a firm believer in the pickit2 . I just got some questions answered by the engineers at Microchip.

1. Is the PICkit 2 obsolete ?

No, it is still purchasable. But it can be expected that new device support will eventually end.

2. Is it planned to offer the same functionality that our beloved PICkit 2 offers, in the PICkit3. (logic tool, logic analyzer, uart tool , Programmer to go ~ which is already offered)

Yes!!! Unfortunately it has proven to be a more time consuming process then we expected but ALL functionality offered by the PICkit2 is planned to be implemented in PICkit3.

These two questions have prompted me to change my stance.
Yes for new users who wish to use only older parts (with tutorials all over) who dont have allot of tools (logic probes , uart tools etc) I would still recommend the pickit 2 as a lower cost entry device . Right now it offers more tools , in the future it will be a mute point.

The PICkit3 offers more debugging capability.
It offers ongoing new device support.
It programs a huge number of chips , if not all PIC.
In the end it will be a more capable tool.
Once the tools are implemented the only drawback is loading a new firmware for each diff chip. Which is needed to support the extra options the unit offers.
At some point, maybe not today, you will wish you had a pickit3 .

That said... I have (2) PICkit 2. And am planning on getting a PICkit3.
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Re: PICkit 2 or 3

Postby bill190 » Tue Nov 02, 2010 6:18 pm

I have a PICkit 3 and it is working fine. And this will work with the newer "enhanced" chips I am working with whereas the PICkit 2 will not. (Programming, in-circuit debugging.)

Here you can click on "Microchip's Development Tool Selector (DTS)", then select a chip, then it will say what will work with that chip...

http://www.microchip.com/stellent/idcpl ... odeId=1496
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Re: PICkit 2 or 3

Postby waltr » Tue Nov 02, 2010 7:40 pm

Nice summary XsavioR.
I updated from the PIC Start Plus to the PICkit2 a couple of years ago. So far It meets my requirements but I do need to not buy the newest PICs.

Another way to determine which PIC is supported by which programmer/debugging tools is use MPLAB. Click on 'Configure' menu item and select a PIC of interest. The Green, Yellow or Red dots will indicate the support for various tools.
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