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By leon_heller
Have you checked the data sheet and the Users Guide?

By weglobal
leon_heller wrote:Have you checked the data sheet and the Users Guide?

Yes, and i dont know what they mean
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By leon_heller
TACLK is the TIMER_A clock input. ACLK is the basic clock oscillator module auxiliary clock output.

By weglobal
leon_heller wrote:TACLK is the TIMER_A clock input. ACLK is the basic clock oscillator module auxiliary clock output.

So let me see if I understand , if I have to generate a PWM I will be doing that through the ACLK and if I have to measure how long it tooke for a signal to interrupt I will use a TACLK
I am designing a sonar range with MSP430
There is a apnote for it
the problem is that I am using MSP430f2011 inteady because I dont need a LCD all I need is in certain point (meassure) it will turn on a light
The code is in assebly which I don't hane a clue so I am trying to do in C
I did part but is not working
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By leon_heller
ACLK is nothing to do with PWM! You really need to read the documentation properly.

By steveduck
The MSP430 uses various clock sources from external XTAL's and internal oscillators such as the DCO (Digital Control Oscillator), VLO (Very low frequency Oscillator) etc to generate 3 internal clock sources.

The ACLK clock can be sourced from the external 32 KHz XTAL or internal 10 KHz VLO Oscillator.

Can be sourced from the external High frequency XTAL or internal DCO

Usually sourced from the MCLK

The above is general however other possibiities exist and differ from device to device. Newer 5x parts have many more clocking options.

The timers on the MSP430 can be clocked from various internal clocks such as the ACLK, SMCLK etc. These can be divided down if required. The TACLK is an external pin that can be used to clock the internal timer.

Generating PWM involves clocking the timer_a for example from ACLK,SMCLK or TACLK as appropriate. You then use one of the timer compare registers to generate an interrups when the timer counts to a certain value. You can also directly control specific IO lines automatically in order to generate pwm without executing a timer ISR routine.

Hope this helps... Steve

The best book on the 430 in my opinion is written by John Davies, This is a serious attempt to help begginers new to the MSP430 and John has done a first class ob here. Buy this book and you will NOT be dissapointed.
By weglobal
Thanks Steve, you did a very good explanation
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