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Discussions on how to get your MSP JTAG programmer up and running.
By daubin327
1. Install MSPGCC - Available

2. Compile your program (If you don’t have make, I suggest you also install cygwin)

3. Make sure you install the latest drives from olimex. Download theme from here:

a. Unzip drivers and install the MSP430.dll in the c:\mspgcc\bin directory

b. You may also need to copy over other Olimex dlls like olimex.dll, SiUSBXp.dll, etc

3. Lastly you flash your code in two steps:

a. First you set up the proxy to talk to the device with this command:

msp430-gdbproxy –port=1000 msp430 -–spy-bi-wire TI-USB-FET

The -–spi-bi-wire is KEY to talking to the msp430-pir!!!

b. Then you talk to it with this command:

msp430-gdb leds.a43 (Where leds.a43 is your test program)

>ta re :1000

4. To flash it you do this command:

>erase all

> load leds.a43

That’s it. This is the original tutorial below: ... rogrammer/