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By Keith
I am looking for the best battery solution for a project I am doing. The project consist of powering a Pic16f88, rf transmitter and a small sensor. The rf and sensor can run on 3V+. I am using a 9V right now but would like to get it smaller and lighter. It may run for about 30 mins then off for 12 hrs. While running it cycles on and off every 5-10 sec.

Any ideas would be great..thanks in advance...
By upand_at_them
The 16F88 is a great chip, but it's kinda limited for low power because it is only spec'd to run down to 4.5V.

Will your program work on a 16F628A or 16F648A? The same chip, with the 648 having 4K of codespace. These are nanowatt chips that can run at 3V and I've run them off of lithium coin batteries (3V).

There's a low voltage version of the 16F88: 16LF88. If you use the 16F88 just make sure you take advantage of sleep.