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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By meander
where is the thing for one of the icsp headers? i would like to incorporate it into one of my next projects
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By phalanx
There is a good chance that the connector is not listed in Eagle. Off hand, I don't know if it is in their included library or not. If you download the tutoral from the Eagle website, they walk you through making your own custom libraries.

One thing you can do in the mean time is use a 6 pin single row header with standard 0.1" spacing. All you have to do is give yourself room for the rectangular mounting block that the pins are secured to. It is about 15mm long by 6mm wide.

By nall
there is a con-molex library. you might look at the 6 pin headers in there.
By meander
i found this:
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Device		Package		Description
22-23-2061	22-23-2061	.100" (2.54mm) Center Header - 6 Pin
is that it?