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By nolimit186
So I built a circuit that reminds you that your leaving an object behind. I'm using the TWS/RWS-434 RF Link. I built it on a solderless breadboard and I get a range of about 7 feet or so. I'm supplying the Transmitter with a 3v battery, the Receiver with 5v and no optional antennas connected. BUT then I built it by soldering it on a protoboard and I only get about a 5 inch range, THATS right a 5 INCH range! This is with the Transmitter running at 3v, receiver at 5v and no optional antenna just like the breadboard! So I'm scratching my head, this doesn't make sense. Why? I supplied the transmitter with a 6v and it seemed to get a little further range. But It just doesnt make sense, why would it be a farther distance on a breadboard and not on a prototype board with soldered parts.

Can anyone help me?
By riden
What kind of encoding are you using? You need some type of preamble and data balancing mechanism. I use a simple data balancing algorithm (send a byte followed by its complement) and 6" inch wires (for the 432 MHz boards) and get 50+ feet easily. You certainly should have no issues in the same room where both antennas can see each other.
By 60amp_relay
Just a shot in the dark here, but the solderless breadboard has an inch or so of wiring between the holes under the plastic which may have been acting like an antenna, and boosting your range. The protoboard may not be giving you the same ad-hoc antenna if it has shorter copper pads or traces. Or maybe there is a crosstalk problem between routes on the protoboard.

I've also found the baud rate makes a difference. In my testing, 600 baud has been the winner for longest range. (tested out to 50+ feet so far, and works well)

Hope this helps...
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