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By sharpo
Hi all,
I was wondering.. how would one go about interfacing with a sensor like:

Any guidance on how to wire this type of device / what signals they expect / etc. would be greatly appreciated.

By Roko
Hi Sharp,

You will need to have a drive circuit and a receive circuit.

The drive circuit needs to oscillate at the resonant frequency of the ultrasonic transducer, with sufficient power to get the range you want. The receive circuit (usually on a second transducer) will then amplify the output of the received signal...

If you Google 'Ultrasonic rangefinder circuit", you'll get plenty of useful results to help answer your question... one of the first hits:
By angelsix
I have worked extensively on the outdoor versions of these sensors and there are lots of posts about it if you search for my username.

For the indoor ones they are much simpler, you can easily drive them directly from a uC at 5V at 40kHz. You then need to amplify the echo coming back by about 1500x minimum. The full circuits are available in the previous posts so feel free to pull them straight off there.

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