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By m_ahlenius

is there any reason why the "WiFly GSX 802.11b/g Serial Module - Roving Networks" could not wirelessly interface with an iPhone over the WiFi interface?

Looking to make something akin to a wireless sensor read by an iPhone custom application.

From the data sheet, it seems like this product supports:

a TCP/IP stack and includes;


It also a web server and Telnet support.

I have not interfaced with other devices like this before and would like to learn first, purchase later.


By stevech
consider too the modules from ConnectOne. Really simple.
By docwisdom
Any tutorials or samples on using the wifly or connectone with the iphone?
By maarek
Has there been updates with connecting the WiFly GSX or the Connect One Nano/Mini iWifi to the iPhone through AdHoc mode?

I am trying to decide between the two which to get in order to host an AdHoc connection between the wifi and the iPhone and be able to receive commands from the iPhone to act as a serial rs232 connection to my hardware.

Any information on or about wireless modules would be helpful. Thanks

The two I am looking at are ... ts_id=9333

Looks like the connect one is a more complex beast... both seem to be able to do Adhoc and UART.

Also adding ... hport.html
By riden
I don't know of any reason the iPhone couldn't connect to the WiFly GSX in AdHoc mode unless the iPhone can't get an IP address from the module. Once a client connects to the GSX, serial communication is active. I just started working with the WifFly this week and it works very well. However, my work has focused on the WiFLy being part of a wireless network established by an access point.

If you have any specific questions (not involving adhoc mode), I'll try to answer them based on my experience thus far.
By riden
stevech wrote:WiFi ad-hoc would not use DHCP. It would have a static IP and all ad-hoc members would be in the same subnet of static addresses.
That makes sense. I was thinking about the statement in the documentation saying that it may take Windows several minutes to get an address. Because of that, I thought it was using DHCP.