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By Poldi
Hello all!

I've got a question.

I want to connect my VS1000 to an Arduino board and control it via serial commands.
If I have understood everything in the comments on product page I need to upload the UARTCONTROL020 firmware to the board.

But how can I transfer it to the board? Do I need a programmer? Or can I establish the communication via the Arduino board by using the FTDI chip while the arduino is in reset mode?

I also found a Tool (VS1000d Programming Tool from VLSI) "that allows uploading, programming and running of VS1000d devices without the need for any special USB cable or switch" but the tool did not find the connected board.

Can anybody help me?

I am grateful for every suggestion.

By Poldi
no ideas? :oops:
By hari
The Progamming Tool works only if the NAND Flash is disabled at Startup. At the original Evaluation Board this is done by removing Jumper 15 to pull down CS1. The Sparkfun board has only a pull up at CS1.

I flashed the firmware with the FT232RL Breakout Board (5V supply, 3.3V Rx/Tx) and the "flash.bat" skript from VLSI.

First check if your path variables are correct and you can compile the projekt using make clean, make all. Try to connect to the VS1000 with "vs3emu.exe" as described in the programming guide. If it works, just run "flash.bat"
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