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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By YeagerTheCat
As a proud submitter to batchpcb for the batch of boards to go out the door back in Mid November, I was... errr... just curious.... How is it all going?

(Anxiously awaiting word)

By Coriolis
I am glad to see somone else in the same batch hasn't received thier board(s) yet. I've been patiently anxious since it is one of the first under the new system and Thanksgiving occured durring the time period (by thier calculations we should have seen the boards around thanksgiving'ish).

I hope in the future we could receive a better status on the order (the order still shows: Order History 11/10/2005 Uploaded), and perhaps recieve a tracking number once they have been shipped USPS.
By YeagerTheCat
Shipped! Whoo-hoo. (rubbing hands together with glee).
By Coriolis
Same here, ok im content with the setup.
By rglenn
I put mine in on Nov. 14th, and haven't heard a peep yet. Any idea when those'll be getting back and such?
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By sparky
First two panels have been released to customers. We are still streamlining the back end of the process.

By parts-man73
I uploaded my trial boards on December 3rd, I realize it's only been a week for me. Not being impatient, just wondering the timetable, is it approx 2 weeks to get a board back? or perhaps 3? I saw that the cutoff is sunday/monday midnight, so I got mine in on a saturday to make it on that weeks panel.

Thanks for the heads up!