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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By parts-man73
I'm a noob trying to figure out Eagle CAD. I've looked at several online tutorials and figured most of the program out. The one thing that is frustrating me the most is finding parts to add to my schematics. I found a part once when I made my first board, and now I can't find that part again. and there's one other that I want to use, but I've never been able to find it.

The 2 I'm looking for are:
a 16 pin header - like on a backlit LCD display
a 3 pin resonator

I appreiate any help someone might be able to provide.

Thank you,
By Philba
pin headers are in "pinhead" (I love that lib name...)

There are resonators in the crystal lib but I didn't see any standard 3 pin resonator. I have a murata 3 pin res that I made but I believe its the standard spacing for through hole 3-pin resonators. look in files. you'll have to join the group (immediate approval) to DL it.
By parts-man73
Excellent, Thank you for the help. I found the pinhead library with your help. For some reason it wasn't showing up in the "use" list, but if I went to the "Library" drop down menu, then "Use" the Pinhead library, it magically appeared in the Use command. Odd...but OK

I also downloaded and used your resonator library and that worked great. Thanks again!

By Philba
eagle works that way, you have to "use" a library before you can use it. I think its to avoid having to scan directories for libraries each time it starts.

glad it worked for you. however. please verify that your part fits before you purchase a board. I don't want the responsibility of you wasting your money...
By parts-man73
I checked the component size vs the grid and the resonator size you gave me was perfect. 3 pins spaced 0.1 inch apart. (the 3rd component in your library)

thanks again!