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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By sparky
So you may be wondering what NC Drill file type your program is outputting. Here is a new script that should tell you:

This way, in the future, total noob's won't have to guess at what their drill files are. Much better for everyone.

Now all I have to do is convince Martyn to get it stuck in the BatchPCB website somewhere...

Let me know how it works!

By Philba
I ran a bunch of my eagle generated drd's through it. All of them were found to be 1.4 no-leading supress except one came back 2.4 eagle special. Looking at the drill file, I think your script is correct but I can't see the difference between the different drill files. I'm not sure why your script thinks the one drill file is 2.4 as there is no dimension that is big enough to get 2 digits leading. Though they were all generated with the following eagle.def line -
Drill = "X%05.0fY%05.0f\n" ; (x, y)

I *think* it doesn't matter whether it's 1.4 or 2.4 but am not sure.

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By sparky
Looking at the drill codes it actually nearly impossible to tell the difference. I mainly wrote the script to help me when importing BatchPCB orders. About 40% of the time customers say one thing but Protel Camtastic is expecting a different format. So the script tells me the format that camtastic is going to like. Makes it much easier on me ;)

Eagle is predominately 2.4leading but the files don't show it. Camtastic seems to like them at 1.4zero.

Bottom line - as long and the holes line up, I'm happy, and you won't be getting an email from me... :)