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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By funnynypd
The new one is super expensive, how about the used ones?
By rf333
wormsmith wrote:I almost have the boss talked into a PCB CNC/milling machine at work. We really need it! Is there any good place to find a listing of second hand machines from LPKF, Accurate CNC or T-tech? Trying to keep cost down but also looking to get auto tool changing, vacuum table, enclosed, 8 mil and camera if possible. Two layers will need to be done on the machine. Please send any recommendations, previous experiences etc. Thanks for any help.
A few months ago I was facing the same choice and got A360 (accuratecnc)
Initially I looked at S62 (Ebay) but it went to $21K, same configuration new (according to the seller) was over $30K and the machine was only 18 months old.
Another try was C60 (6-7 years old) for $7K (worry about the age, mechanical worn-out,geometry, software) so I decided… new A360.
The decision was right. I am using it for 3-4 months it works fine. So far I have 30+ boards and some stencils made with ZERO problems.
If you are looking for used machine, better check for factory refurbished by manufacturer (LPKF, Accurate CNC).

P.S. Initially S62 was my dream due to the auto tool change (ATC).
Now I know that this option is not essential to me. Tool change is easy and fast on A360, I saved money and don’t need a compressor in my room.
IMHO ATC is significant advantage only for production applications (let say drilling of many boards)
By funnynypd
Do you have a few photos? A machine can make both PCB and stencil, that's very good, isn't it?
By rf333
funnynypd wrote:Do you have a few photos? A machine can make both PCB and stencil, that's very good, isn't it?
Here are some that I made lately:

By funnynypd
Is the via created by the machine? They all look small.
A few more questions:
1. How do you secure good contacts on the vias.
2. Any experience on Solder-ability of the PCB without paste-mask on top of copper?
By rr_pilot
Those photos of the milled board are beautiful, I am so tempted to purchase a mill myself.
By gussy
Those boards and stencils are magnificent!!

Very tempted to get a small mill for prototyping.

Are the drills done by the mill/CNC as well?

It's a shame the holes can't be plated easily.
By rf333
The PCB on the picture was made entirely with the machine.
The drilling is the simplest operation :). Up to 40 mill holes are drilled with drill bits and all above with router, so there are no limits to the diameter .
This way also provides savings for tools and tool changes.
The smallest drilled by me are 12 mill. If someone is interested.
There is a demo software that is running without machine also the manual is there.
By charliex
I'm waiting on my first PCB from the 360, hoping it arrives today
By RobPb
I had idea to build my own CNC for PCB prototyping, but it does not seem to be an easy task. Unfortunately, I will never achieve such quality. :(

Your machine is very nice!

By rbz
Could you use Eagle files?

or is there any method to port them accross to that CNC?

That really is a good machine you have there!
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By FartingMonkey92
rbz wrote:"Could you use Eagle files?

or is there any method to port them accross to that CNC?"
Yup, PhCNC can import gerber/drill files which EAGLE outputs with it's CAM processor...
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By ohararp
Accurate machine seems super awesome. Can anybody share their plated hole experience or setup for this or similar machines? Methods other than placing a wire and soldering are appreciated.