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By jayjay
Hi Guys

Has anyone designed a pulse oximeter using LED/InfraRed photodiode combination? or managed to interface to a commercial probe?

By wiml
I think there was an article in Circuit Cellar INK a while back on building a pulse oximeter. Let's see ... it was in the Dec'04/Jan'05 issues and the circuit was designed around the TAOS TSL230R sensor.

HTH, etc.
By Caffeine
We have a 'Secret Santa' arrangement here at work, where everyone gives anonymous but amuing presents.

One of our programmers can be quite prone to stress, so as a secret santa present, one of the guys here made a computer mouse, with an oximeter built in, he hijacked the centre button click to represent the pulse, and wrote a custom mouse driver that interpreted the centre click and informed the user when their pulse was getting high!

Anyway, from what he told me, it's quite simple a circuit he downloaded off the web somewhere...
By jayjay
Thanks guys

The Circuit Celler article is available at Taos's site, I have downloaded that, it is a fairly simple circuit. What I am trying to avoid here is having to package the curcuit (either as finger clip or ear clip) in crude form. As I need to make some presentation, I would prefer to use off the shelf probe. Most of the commercial ones have a DB-9 connector, but none of the manufacturers have disclosed details on the interface or pin assignment. I am wondering if anyone had actually hacked/interfaced with one of these?