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By electroinge
hi i read ur help page about connecting the LIS3LV02DQ's to the Arduino useing SPI but i cant get it working the final code pin's out and in are different to the orginal pin's set up showen in the picture ,and i cant figure out what is what with the dule names for some of the LIS3LV02DQ's lines . could u please correct the code using the names printed on the LIS3LV02DQ's
board and what pin they connect to .
By Boomii
I hook it up, and read the WHO AM I, but could not get the right x,y,z acceleration data. when there's no move, the output are not Zero. Why?
By drvortex
hi all

in all my research on the LIS3LV02DQ for twi/i2c no one mentions that the default for the LIS3LV02DQ was 4 wire. so you have to change this.

there are 3 registers that have a 8 preferences each. you control the on/off by sending this Wire.send(B11010010); the comments list the presences for CTRL_REG2 in order

Wire.begin(); // join i2c bus (address optional for master)
Wire.send(0x21); // // CTRL_REG2 (21h)

// B11010010 corresponds to the seetings for below
//FS bit is used to select Full Scale value. default = 1
//BDU bit is used to inhibit output registers update default = 1
//BLE bit is used to select Big Endian or Little Endiandefault = 0
//BOOT bit is used to refresh the content of internal registers default = 1
//IEN bit is used to switch the value present on data-ready pad default = 0
//DRDY bit is used to enable Data-Ready (RDY/INT) default = 0
//SPI 4/3 wire SIM is ‘0’ (default value) the 4-wire SIM is ‘1’ the 3-wire TWI (I2C)
//DAS bit permits to decide between 12 bit right justified and 16 bit default = 0