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By twoba
I am running the example code that comes with the AVR-MT-128 but I can't get the serial connection to my PC to work right. When I hookup a com port on my PC to the AVR-MT-128 DB9 I type on my PC keyboard and see strange characters on the AVR-MT-128 display. Likewise when I click the B5 button, the LCD says "sending to RS232" but my terminal app on my PC shows strange non-alphanumeric characters. I am sure that there is an easy answer to this. Does anyone know what the correct serial port settings are for a terminal emulator to talk to the AVR-MT-128?
By the way, I have tried Hyperterminal, the terminal emulator that comes with Bascom and MTTTY using all baud rates and different handshake, RTS settings but they all show unreadable characters.
By murphyr
Confirm that your AVR-MT-128 is using the clock source that you think it is using (confirm by reading fuses or write a blinky program to blink a led at 1 Hz)

Usually you need 8 bit, no parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control, probably at 9600 (but you need to confirm this in the code)
By twoba
Thanks, I tried setting the fuses as suggested on this page: This worked once, but after that, my PonyProg tells me "Device missing or unknown device (-24)" when I tried to tweak the fuses again. Is there a way to reset the fuses so the PonyProg can read and write them again?
By the way, before I had the fuse problem I wrote a led blinky program and it blinked pretty close to every second.
By twoba
Ok, I think I accidentally screwed up my avr-mt-128 board. When I read the Configuration and Security Bits, PonyProg tells me that all of them are programmed, including the lock bits. One website I found said to erase the flash, but the erase function fails with the same "Device missing or unknown device (-24)" message. Anyone have a suggestion on how I can reset or unprogram the lock/security bits and fuses?
By murphyr
It sounds like you may have set the clock fuses incorrectly. Check out, search the forums for “dead AVRâ€
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