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By John Meacham
I think some people here might be interested in this. the reprap project.

It is a project with the intent of creating a free design for a 3d printer out of mainly 3d printed parts, so in some sense, it can self replicate (but not self-assemble) with only raw materials and some basic (cheap) wholesale electronic components.

The project is very ambitious, but a lot of progress has been made, once the initial design is out there, hopefully people will create improved versions and the design will evolve.
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By sparky
:shock: Another very cool site. The blog link is where the good pics are at. Let us know if people start cranking 3D worm gear sets. This could be a huge deal for high-end sumo/competition hobbyists.

By NateW
Thanks, I was just looking for that site a couple days ago but couldn't remember what it was called. That's really tantalizing stuff... With enough accuracy and strength in the finished pieces, this idea could really have a huge impact.
By d0c
A DIY/Homebrew RP THAT gets my juices flowin'

Would love to colab on something similar!