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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By reinhold

I have an issue trying to import Gerber files into viewmate, output from eagle freeware, whats happening is when i go import-> guess-> and choose the relevent files one by one , it imports them all as layer1, informing me every time: "layer 1 already has data in it are you sure you want to add" etc, and from what i can tell, even files such as the CPM which use 3 diff layers for traces pads and vias , are all getting jammed in as layer1 , and displaying as green.

funnily i can physically choose one of the correct layers in the column to the left BEFORE importing the corresponding file, (i.e select layer 30 , import bottom mask stop , and all comes in fine for that file, but regardless , im affraid if i send these gerbers off to Sparky ill get my dual layer boards back with a whole heap of tracsk pads and everything else on layer 1 only :(

any help appreciated

By pittuck
ok, in viewmate on the left hand side there is a layer selector select layer 2 and press F2 this will import a layer file, choose the top SilkScreen. Choose layer 3 and do the top copper, layer 4: bottom copper, layer 5: bottom silkscreen.

Then select layer one and use Shift-F2 to import the drill file. You may need to change the prefernces to the 2:3 format. I forget how to do it ;) lol.
By donblake
pittuck wrote:You may need to change the prefernces to the 2:3 format. I forget how to do it ;) lol.
I don't know if you're joking or not, but, in case you're not and to help Jimmy: after you select File, Import, Drill & Rout or use Shift-F2, the Import Drill/Rout File window will appear. Before you click Import, first click Options. The Drill Options window will appear. Change Left of decimal: to 2 and Right of decimal to 3. Also select Omit leading zeros. Now select OK. Now, back on the Import Drill/Rout File window, choose your drill file and click on Import.

By pittuck
i was not joking!

lol, Shift-F2 gives me a file select window. I just choose the file and go!
By reinhold
thanks ppl, so the layer 'numbers' i select dont have to match the layer numbers eagle use then? , e.g i think silkscreen is layer 19 or something in eagle.

ill check that drill ratio out too, thanks 8)

By reinhold
im back :), everythngs fine, except when I try to set my drd format to 2.3 the holes go all over the place :oops: , it only imports perfectly if set to 2 4 . :? , do you reckon this will be a problem?
By donblake
reinhold wrote:it only imports perfectly if set to 2 4 . :? , do you reckon this will be a problem?
I believe this will be a problem. See the discussion in this thread. I'm guessing you're using EAGLE V4.14 with increased EXCELLON driver resolution. You'll need to edit the eagle.def file and change ResX and ResY in the EXCELLON section from 10000 to 1000. Create a backup of eagle.def before you make any changes.

By reinhold
it worked it worked , thanku very much.

i wonder if this should be added to the tutorial. i cant see any1 using 4.14 having sucess without doing this :?

thanks guys
By pittuck
use .12 :D lol

ok well i am not sure how to do this, i will put it on the long tasks list i have to make a jop processor which will use custom def's if possible!

Anyhow, for now we all need to shout SPARKY and when he comes by later this week might be able to add something to the eagle tutorial.