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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By winston
Consider using gEDA PCB if you want to make bigger boards than Eagle allows. I'm not sure at the moment about PCB's status as far as Windows builds are concerned (I don't use Windows, and PCB was primarily made for Unix-like systems such as Linux, BSD or Mac OSX - but I do believe a Windows port was recently made for PCB). However, I've used PCB to design boards that would have otherwise required a big multi thousand spend on software. PCB is open source (free software in the full sense of the word).

Another thing I like about PCB is the file format is open and fully documented and text-based, so I can write scripts to do repetitive tasks on a layout with a few lines of perl.

There is a bit of a learning curve, but there is for any complex software of this kind.

Enough evangelising for PCB for now, though.
By muntron
RC wrote: I just can't justify $750 for Eagle Standard right now. Thanks.
Eagle does offer a not for profit license, I believe for $150. This allows larger boards to be made. If you are using this for personal/hobby purposes, that might be an option.