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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By bootloadernoob
Hi everyone,

I have a GE863-GPS and when I issue a AT+CFUN=0, check my current draw, it kept pulsing from 4mA up to about 24mA. Is it supposed to operate like this? Anyone have a fix or any idea on how to fix this.

I been, turning on and off, varies pins (RTS, DTR.....) Taken of ring line, everything and anything, to see If I can get a stable current draw.

Thank you, for any help in advance.
By bootloadernoob
OK, I'm starting to believe that the GE wakes up on its own, every second or so, to maybe check network or something. Because it's too consistent.
By duppyman
maybe your ge863 is on
By bootloadernoob
I want to keep it on, it's the sleep (powersave) mode thats the problem.
By duppyman
which sleep mode are you using?
By bootloadernoob
I tried both cfun=0 and cfun=5, no change :(
By duppyman
well i think with the telit checks the network every few seconds so you might want to double check your network settings like AT+COPS?
By falingtrea
According to the data sheet the AVERAGE current draw in CFUN=0 or CFUN=5 is 3.4-7.3 mA with the following note:

Worst/best case depends on network configuration and is not under module control

So I would say that it is communicating with the network when you see the current spike.
By bootloadernoob
That makes sense falingtrea :( .But do you think it should go that high?
By falingtrea
I have seen 2 amp pulses on some cell modules so a 24mA one is not suprising. More than likely they are turning on the receiver to see if there is any traffic for the module.
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