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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By Zac
Hey, I've got the following board designed and exported with Eagle. It's my first board design and to keep Sparky from going insane with all the possible errors could someone check it out to make sure I didn't do anything stupid beforehand? I can post the Eagle .brd file if needed. (Hopefully it won't come out too bad...I even managed to crop the USB plug so it didn't hang off the design. :-P)
(edit: had to reupload file -> I was using "ftp" in a cmd prompt. No ftp programs on this box and I forgot to change to binary mode before
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By donblake
I get the following error when I try to open your zip file:
error: start of central directory not found; Zip file corrupt. Possible cause: file transfer error.
I downloaded your file twice and got the same error both times.

By Zac
Wow that was quick...I fixed that in less than a minute and didn't expect anyone to notice.

Sorry about that. It's fixed now though.
By donblake
Your drill data file (submit1.drd) appears to be 2.4 format (4 decimal places). It needs to be 2.3 format (3 decimal places).

Did you use to create the output files?

By Zac
Yeah - followed the mini-tutorial here...Not sure why it'd still export as a different version though? Guess I'll be looking around for that option somewhere.
By donblake
Zac wrote:Guess I'll be looking around for that option somewhere.
I looked for an option, searched the manual, newsgroups and CadSoft forums and couldn't find anything. I didn't do anything special to get 2.3 format.