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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By fgcity
OK, i even connected the Patch antenna directly on the Antenna pin

all i get is this:

$GPSACP: 063645.198,,,,,0,,,,0AT

i am running this in controlled mode.

it doesn't lock on no matter what.

The above data is what i get when i have no lock or even when my pins are not connected to the controled mode?

where another module (different brand) is working this one doesn't

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By leon_heller
Has it got an amplifier? You need an active antenna.

By fgcity
as i said in the previus post it has an LNA between the antenna and the module.

There is a link here:

the cercuit would be the same for this module as well. yes?
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By leon_heller
If it's got an LNA it should work.

By fgcity
i think i know what's the problem.

I have an RF2370 for the LNA. This IC isn't for GPS.

The one i should of used is RF2373

I'll try with this one and see how it goes.
By fgcity
I'm having a bit of a problem figuring out on how to recieve an SMS.

I can send SMS messages just fine but i can't figure out on how to read or recieve SMS messages.

I just want to recieve an sms read it and delete it.

But i don't understand. How can i check if i have any new messages and on what Index number they are on ?

i have read the Datasheet and still i can't figure this out.

So how can i check f i have any new messages, and read it?

Actually i just need to know how to check if i have any new messages.

What's the configuration for that ? I have set up the module in TEXT mode i don't need any extra formating options just read the SMS in location "X" and delete it.

PLS help out here.
By velocet
AT+CMGL to list SMS
AT+CMGR to read SMS
AT+CMGD to delete SMS

You will find lots of AT commands in the manual to do exactly what you require.

If your going to use Python and not an MCU you may be advised to use a polling routione to check for messages. You can intercept messages as they come in but as there have been may problems reported with messages not triggering ect then you would be advised to back it up with a polling check anyway.

Should you not start a new thread for this?
By fgcity

I'll try this.

I have read the manual a couple of times but the SMS reading part got me confused :)

i don't want to wait for a trigger each time since i use the same port to read GPS coordinates from the module.

So i need to be able to check if there is a new sms whenever i want and read it out.

I use a linux device for this.
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