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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
Howdy all.

I have a couple of the v2.4 loggers based around the EM406 SiRF Star III. I just saw the GS405 receiver with helical antenna that SparkFun is now stocking. That would really suit my needs a lot better, so I was wondering, seeing as it is also based on the SiRF Star III chipset (although I'm not sure if it's identical), if it could be interfaced with the logger board with a minimum of effort.

Changes to the logger firmware is my main concern. The GS405 spec sheet says it uses SiRF GSW 3.0 (although newer is required for WAAS I believe?), but I'm still chasing the relevant info for the EM-406 used in the v2.4 logger. I'm hoping that it might be almost just a case of fabricating a cable and plugging it straight in (perhaps wishful thinking on my part). Thoughts?