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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By texram
I got a few questions on this Eval Board (EVB):
(1) Can I write some C program into uM on this EVB? If it's possible, how?
(2) How do I connect any servos to this EVB?

Thank you for the help.
By scouser
I'm still waiting for my board but if you want to connect the servos they plug into the flyleads that you can see here: ... cts_id=707
The leads are at the far end. Two are sockets for the elevator and rudder channels and three of the leads are plugs to go direct to your radio receiver. The "extra" plug was connected to the throttle channel in the prototype airplane.

There is a free, student edition, C compiler available at (exact site depends on your location) which will work with the MPLAB IDE from the same people.

I presume that you know that you link your C code with the IDE's assembler; and use an ICD 2 to load the code into the board's processor.
My ICD 2 is on it's way from: ... dZViewItem

I hope this helps,

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By leon_heller
That ICD 2 looks suspiciously similar to a PICkit 2, part from the lettering. Are you sure that it really is an ICD 2?

By scouser
I see what you mean. It certainly looks similar to a PICkit 2, but the case is probably used everywhere. It is clearly labeled Mini ICD 2 in the photo on Ebay. The item is also described as an ICD 2 in the text.
I considered Sparkfun's Tiny ICD 2, but that only has RS232 and I wanted USB.
What is the difference between a PICkit 2 and ICD 2? I went for the latter because that's what Sparkfun said that I would need. Both say they do in circuit programming/debugging with my PIC and they both connect to the PC and PIC in similar ways.


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By leon_heller
The ICD 2 supports every device, and can be used at low supply voltages. Microchip replaces them free if they develop a fault at any time.

By scouser
Thanks. Lots to learn.

By texram
Thanks, Scouser.
Did you get the board yet?
By scouser

My board is en route, so it is probably crossing the Atlantic now. :)

My ICD2 is also en route, from China this time. :lol:

We have gales this week in UK but I should get going soon.

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