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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By rackley
Can someone point out any general forums for electronics hobbiests? I have done a standard google search and not turned up any, but I *know* they have to be out there somewhere :-)

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By sparky
Yep. They're a good one.
By wiml
The sci.electronics.* groups on Usenet are full of good people. I also like to look in on comp.arch.embedded and comp.arch.fpga and every now and then.

If you're at a university or your ISP does usenet, I recommend using an actual newsreader, but you can fall back on the google groups web interface.

There's the occasional loon or asshole but that's what killfiles are for.
By meander
this is a forum that i am a member of and i am very happy with the group that frequents it