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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By shoupy77
In the datasheet I search if I can to have a sample rate > 1Hz but I don't to find this information. I want a GPS sample rate 10 Hz. How I must to do ?
By septer012
Most GPS modules do not serve more then 1Hz, the fastest one I know of is the Etek EB-85a and thats a cool 5Hz.
By shoupy77
thanks for your response.
I looked on GM862's datasheet the function AT$GPSACP. If I send this function at 10 Hz, I will have my position with time acquire 100ms, isn't it ?
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By leon_heller
It won't be updated at 10 Hz, though, you'll just get the same position each time.

By shoupy77
By velocet
You could use projection, with an accelerometer fitted. You would also need an MCU etc.

What is the application, why do you need the data so often?
By septer012
Buy ten modules and poll them one after the other :lol: