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By maokh
There was talk about a GE863 breakout board this summer. Any news on this yet?

When I go higher volume, i will be switching over to these BGA units...would be very nice to play with one before jumping in head first.
By busonerd

We're no longer considering making a breakout. We could not reliably place the modules with the in-house process we have [too much heatsinking from the metal package prevented proper reflow].


--David Carne
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By leon_heller
I am designing one, but am not sure if I will put it into production. They won't be cheap - the GE863-GPS will cost me about £60 and assembly will be about £20 (10 off). The PCB itself is negligible by comparison. I'll provide a schematic if anyone is interested. It'll be quite small, with the SIM holder on the underside.

The company which will be doing the assembly has already assembled a couple of GE863s to a prototype PCB for me, they X-rayed them. It was rather expensive, the mini-stencil alone cost £200.

By velocet
I will be producing boards that will give you access to all the major functions of the GE863-GPS, I expect the boards to start production in the next 2 weeks.

The board has a USB connection build in making life that bit easier. There is also a daughter board that adds an ATMEGA 16/32/64 giving you 8 ADC although 3 are tied up by a 3 axis Accelerometer that is also on the daughter board, you get 8 i/o you can assign for the ATMEGA and 12 from the GE863.

The remaining I/O for the mega is tied up with serial comms to the GE863 and a bluetooth module with 150m range allowing you to program the GE863 without a cable or to recall data from the micro-SD also on the daughter board. This also includes a charger for the li-ion battery that can supply 2Amps so you dont have to wait for the battery to charge.

Either board can be used on its own or just plug them together to get all the functions in one 49x49x20 unit.

I will post some pics once the boards are in if anyone is interested.
By maokh
id be interested to see this board when you are finished.
By domini

Do anyone know where to find GE863-GPS and GE864-GPS Breakout board (ONLY THE BOARD)?

Thank you all!
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