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By melkerpetterson
I connected an SX1509 to an arduino and have had it working perfectly on the same project for 2-3 weeks. But now all of a sudden it stopped responding, I havent changed any wiring or code. I went back and loaded the basic examples using your library for the SX1509 but the unit won't respond now and the io.begin(SX1509_ADDRESS) returns false telling me it failed to communicate.

It's powered from a 3.3v. I have it connected to 16 leds sinking current and it now always have the leds connected to pins 6 & 7 lit. It's not possible to turn them of or any other leds on, I guess since it's stopped responding.

As mentioned before, no wiring or adress or any other code is changed since it was working half an hour ago and loading a "clean" program running only your library example code is not working either. Is it broken?
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