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Topics pertaining to the Arduino Core & software used with the Artemis module and Artemis development boards.
There is clear documentation on how to start for each board. Not sure which board you have, but let's use the Redboard as an example. On the product page of that board in the middle, righthand side is a tab "DOCUMENTS". On that tab select 'hookup Guide' and it will show a step by step what to do.
If you can't find the answer, can you be a bit more precise on what is missing so we can help
There is no specific Apollo3 library for the SparkFun_VL53L5CX as the standard library works on the different boards. The library (version 1.0.3) can be obtained in 2 ways:

In the ArduinoIDE: Tools -> Manage libraries -> search for SparkFun_VL53L5CX.

On the webpage you referenced: "Software Setup and Programming" ->SPARKFUN QWIIC TIME-OF-FLIGHT SENSOR VL53L5CX ARDUINO LIBRARY (ZIP).
Once downloaded you can include that in the ArduinoIDE: sketch-> Include Library -> add .ZIP library
Let's see where your issue is:
Have you included
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in preferences?

can you now select Apollo3 in the boards manager Apollo3 to install (apollo3.png below)

Can you now select the Sparkfun board to use?
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I do not understand the problem is when you write "I do not see apollo in boards or library".

What are you expecting to see or what is not working?

You include the sketch and I do see that thelibrary is included:
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#include <SparkFun_VL53L5CX_IO.h>
#include <SparkFun_VL53L5CX_Library.h>
#include <SparkFun_VL53L5CX_Library_Constants.h>
#include <platform.h>
#include <vl53l5cx_api.h>
#include <vl53l5cx_buffers.h>
#include <vl53l5cx_plugin_detection_thresholds.h>
#include <vl53l5cx_plugin_motion_indicator.h>
#include <vl53l5cx_plugin_xtalk.h>
If you then select the Sparkfun Artemis Thing plus in the ArduinoIDE (as shown in my previous post) does it compile and can you upload?

Else what error messages do you get ?
Nothing is wrong with the scetch, It compiles. The problem lies with my abitity to program or upload the Artimis with the Arduino IDE. There are no options to do this. It might be an easy fix to add the Artimis to the board manager. THe instruction told me to look for Apollo3, I can't find it. It probly has been renamed and did not update the tutorial.

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