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By ajdeneve
I have a ISM330DHCX IMU connected through qwiic to an OLA (without IMU). I can get into the menu through the serial monitor in the arduino IDE to configure the IMU, and can see the default "Accel Scale: 2" and "Accel Rate: 5" but I don't know what these values equate to. I don't see this info in the hookup guides for either the OLA or the IMU, but I might have missed it in the datasheets or one of the arduino libraries.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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By PaulZC

If you try to change either of those values, the menu will display the possible options:

Accel Full Scale (0 to 3):
2g : 0
16g: 1
4g : 2
8g : 3

Accel Rate (0 to 11):
OFF : 0
12.5Hz: 1
26Hz : 2
52Hz : 3
104Hz : 4
208Hz : 5
416Hz : 6
833Hz : 7
1666Hz: 8
3332Hz: 9
6667Hz: 10
1Hz6 : 11

The full definitions are here: ... hcx_defs.h

I hope this helps,
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By BrovtalGemini
Hey! Sounds like you're setting up an ISM330DHCX IMU with an OLA. Those default Accel settings can be a bit cryptic. Here's some help:

Datasheet Deep Dive: The datasheet for the ISM330DHCX should have a section on the accelerometer registers. Look for details on "Accel Scale" and "Accel Rate" settings and their register bits. This will tell you exactly what values correspond to g-force measurements and sample rates.

Library Documentation: The Arduino library you're using for the IMU might have functions or constants defined for these settings. Check the library's documentation for info on setAccelScale or setAccelRate functions and their arguments.

If you can't find info in those places, let me know the library you're using and I might be able to search for examples or documentation online.
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