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By joe5939
New to coding and really new to Artemis.

Is it possible to get the Artemis Open Log to read loads in pos and neg directions?

I can't get negative values from my load cell (SEN-14727 100gm bar and Qwiic Scale SEN-15242 ) and my Artemis Open Log DEV-16832. I can cheat it by adding weight during the zeroing step of the calibration and removing it when prompted to add it. In my case, zero load had a 260 output. Less than 260 was a load in one direction and more than 260 was a load in the opposite. I'd rather just carry a sign.

Is the source of my problem from line 190 on this code and how do I change that if possible: ... ensors.ino

As noob I can only understand the comment, not the code.
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By joe5939
Thank you. I ran across that page weeks ago and forgot about it. Though I am still a bit confused. I see a variable(?) listed on that page that I assume I need to change to "allowNegativeWeights = true". If that is the case where do I do that? Do I just type it into OLA setttings file? I don't see a prompt for it in the terminal window.

From tutorial:
float getWeight(bool allowNegativeWeights = false) - Once you've set zero offset and cal factor, you can ask the library to do the calculations for you. By default, negative weights will be returned as 0.
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By badepalle

Like Joe5939, I would like to be able to record negative values with a NAU7802.
Before I submit a request, did anything change since you had this discussion?


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By PaulZC
Ah. Regarding negative weights on the OLA - those are (still) currently not supported. It looks like a Feature Request issue was never opened. If you’re wanting to measure negative weights on OLA, please go ahead and open a Feature Request.

Best wishes,
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