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By TheResister
I bought an Artemis Nano and I can't get any pin to act like it has an internal pullup resistor.
I've tried digitalWrite(pin,HIGH) after setting the pinMode(pin, INPUT_PULLUP), but that was no help.
I've attached pin interrupts to every pin and they all seem to float unless I use an external pullup resistor. If I use an external pullup resistors, everything seems to work just fine. Is there something I'm missing in order to get the internal resistors to be activated? Or are there no internal pullup resistors in the Artemis Apollo3 cores? I can't find anything that tells me there isn't. And there is a ton of code that uses the INPUT_PULLUP mode.

Shouldn't digitalRead() return a HIGH value if I set a pin to INPUT_PULLUP while the pin is not connected?

This is my first Artemis board and I'm hoping I'm just missing something.

RedBoard Artemis Nano from SparkFun using Apollo3 board library in the Arduino 1.8.19 IDE.
By paulvha
There should be no reason why this would not work.

When you set a pinMode(D4, INPUT_PULLUP) the library will always set the pinName (D4) as input followed by setting pull-up.

Shouldn't digitalRead() return a HIGH value if I set a pin to INPUT_PULLUP while the pin is not connected? -> YES
My test sketch:
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void setup() {
  while (!Serial);
  Serial.println("test D4");


void loop() {
Connect a wire between D4 to GND and it will read 0 else it will read 1.

Can you share your sketch ?
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By TheResister
Thanks for the confirmation. I think I have damaged hardware. Now I'm getting an error when I try to upload a sketch.

Target failed to enter bootload mode. Verify the right COM port is selected and that your board has the SVL bootloader.
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