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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By gpsklaus
when i did try to buy an EM-406 GPS receiver board, the dealer ( not SFE ) did send me the newer EM-411 instead. According to him, EM-406 no longer is available and EM-411 is same, but RoHS compliant.
Unfortunately for the EM-411 until now no manual seems to be available ( at least i could not find any when looking on webpages of manufacturer GLOBALSAT ) and so for connecting it, i did use same pinning as given for EM-406. Current 70mA did look OK, but there were no NMEA data via pin 4. So it try out pin 3 instead and this was successfull.

So my question is, are there already any experiences from others with using the EM-411 and ( supposely ) making it necessary to interchange serial input and output wires compared to EM-406?

Klaus ( from Germany )
By thomasb
The EM-411 is exactly the same as the EM-406, except that the cable pinout is different (Tx and Rx signals are swapped). Both the 406 and 411 work well for me. Very small, very sensitive (often works indoors) = good value.
By gpsklaus
Hello Thomas

> The EM-411 is exactly the same as the EM-406, except that the cable pinout is different (Tx and Rx signals are swapped).

Thank you for confirming this.
What i do not understand is, why Globalsat does not manage to correct the EM-411 manual accordingly.

By thomasb
Even their revised (V1.1) manual does not show the correct pinout (Rx and Tx designations should be swapped).

I often find many errors in offshore product spec docs, so these sort of mistakes are not uncommon. Frankly, the Far East mfgs often don't see the importance of the published data they provide. So, it is best to be prepared to dig in and DiY. :)
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By ohararp
Fellas I have been searching for a copy of this manual and haven't had any luck. Can someone post a link for this device for me. Yes I have googled EM-411.
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By ohararp
I just ordered a bunch of EM406A's from USGLOBALSAT. Appraently the EM411 is nolonger available. They recognized the problem with the pins being flipped and have cancelled this item. The new EM406A is their ROHs replacement for the EM406.
By arylin
Would be a pity if they canceled 411 indeed as it has PPS on pin 6.
Could someone try and see if 406A has PPS ? Documentation shows
pin 6 as N/C, hope it's not true.