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By amnth
I am trying to run examples provided by RadioLib LoRa library as it has built-in supports the Artemis Arduino Core.
However all the examples are failing to initialize the Radio.

I am using RadioLib at version 4.4.2:
I've loaded the SX126x_Transmit.ino as an example.
Code: Select all
// SX1262 has the following connections:
// NSS pin:   10
// DIO1 pin:  2
// NRST pin:  3
// BUSY pin:  9
SX1262 radio = new Module(10, 2, 3, 9);
Code: Select all
void setup() {

  // initialize SX1262 with default settings
  Serial.print(F("[SX1262] Initializing ... "));
  int state = radio.begin();
  if (state == ERR_NONE) {
  } else {
    Serial.print(F("failed, code "));
    while (true);

  // some modules have an external RF switch
  // controlled via two pins (RX enable, TX enable)
  // to enable automatic control of the switch,
  // call the following method
  // RX enable:   4
  // TX enable:   5
    radio.setRfSwitchPins(4, 5);
The example is failing when radio.begin() is called.
Code: Select all
08:21:28.477 -> [SX1262] Initializing ... failed, code -2
Code: Select all
  \brief Radio chip was not found during initialization. This can be caused by specifying wrong chip type in the constructor
  (i.e. calling SX1272 constructor for SX1278 chip) or by a fault in your wiring (incorrect slave select pin).
#define ERR_CHIP_NOT_FOUND                            -2
Has anyone attempted to use LoRa RadioLib to do peer-to-peer LoRa transmission?
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