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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By Gort
Yippeeee, it works ! I guess if I had taken the time to read the Python manual first it would have been quicker, but .... I can now query the modules position via SMS and get an SMS reply. I do not know that I will be using Python scripting to run the GM862 long term, and may go to a piggyback ARM micro, but it has been a learning experience getting Python to work as I need it.
By fk8051
Hi Gort,

Can you please share your knowledge on how you made it happen?

By foxxjnm
I would be interested in seeing the code too. Good job!
By ganeshk
I wrote a python script to get the GPS position via SMS. I was able to download the script and enable it. But it doesnt seem to run at all after reboot.
Any help will be appreciated.
By prancius

Maybe somebody want to some exchange.
I will give a working python script you will help me with hardware.

By ganeshk
My python code started working once i removed those 'print' debug statements.
Anyway for your hardware, what r u planning to do? Please be more specific about your design. I made a board of which the GM862 module was only a part. So i can help u out if u specify your design needs.